Kate Malone vase from Neptune Range by ‘Fleshpots’



Kate Malone vase with Neptune design made in collaboration with James Kent ‘Fleshpots’ . Signed by Kent and Malone on base. Cast from her original hand built coiled pot, the piece decorated with a fish design and glazed with bright vibrant colours, fired at earthenware temperature. Made circa 1986. In very good condition.


Width 14cm  (5.5 inches)

Height 21.5cm. (8.25 inches)

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In correspondence, the artist said:
“this series was made around 1986-8 with James  Kent , formerly Fleshpots … Not many were made… Perhaps 50, it was cast from my original coiled vessel and then decorated with earthenware glazes under my instruction. Sadly the range did not really get to market …. Trialed a little but not ever full production. .” 

‘Kate Malone designed a prototype jug with Steve Dixon which has been put into production by James Kent Ltd. They were the firm in Stoke-on-Trent brave enough to take on the mass production of work by Carol McNicoll and Janice Tchalenko for the ‘Next’ chain of stores. This project was rightly hailed with some excitement –both because it initiated a revival of hand painting at stoke and because it seemed to realise that elusive but recurring dream-the involvement of major studio potters with the ceramic industry.. As a less established potter Malone’s range for James Kent is very different from her one-off pieces….

‘In spring 1985…we met Keith Naldrett of then ‘Fleshpots’, who was just about to expand into James Kent, Old Foley Pottery’. Keith saw possibilities in our design and agreed to make prototypes and give us a cost estimates etc. However to make it a realistic venture for them, they presented to us the idea of their marketing it-instead of producing it for us to market.

Ceramic Review. No.106 July/August 1987 ‘Kate Malone-Potter of the New Spirit ‘ by Tanya Harrod.  

Kate Malone  British 1959-

Kate Malone potter, ceramicist is best known for her large sculptural vessels and rich, bright glazes. She studied at Bristol Polytechnic and Royal College of Art. Her studio was at South Bank Craft Centre at Charing Cross. She later moved her studio to Balls Pnd Studio in North London.

Her work is held in numerous collections such as British Arts Council, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and many more. She was awarded an MBE in 2019 for her services to ceramics.

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