Landford Grove Paintings. Invitation, Saturday 8 January 1938. Zwemmer Gallery, London.



Single sheet invitation card. 140x190mm. Printed in ochre and olive. Landford Grove Paintings.


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The exhibition of paintings and drawings by over thirty girls of Langford Grove School, Essex, at the Zwemmer Gallery, caused a minor sensation in the art world of London early this year. The exhibitors were all between nine and sixteen years of age, and one could not but be impressed by the quality of their work. There was a general high level of accomplishment and taste, the pictures had the charm of youthful vivacity, they were unusually colourful, delicately colourful not coarsely; they revealed an element of spontaneity and adequate technical mastery to realise it.

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Publisher: Zwemmer Gallery.
Format: Single sheet
Date: 1938
Place: London
Edition: First edition
Book ID: 022288

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