WENTWORTH, RICHARD. Match 1995. A broken and reassembled ceramic plate.



RICHARD WENTWORTH. Match 1995. A broken and reassembled ceramic plate. Signed and dated by the artist, 28.6.95.

An original Royal Doulton ceramic circular plate, borken and then reassembled by Richard Wentworth. Signed and dated by the artist, 28.6.95.

Some of the highlights of the exhibition include Richard Wentworth’s ‘Match’ (1995) which consists of a ping pong table with broken crockery on top. The Potteries Museum January-April 2006. “I’ve always been very interested in the stuff that we have around us the objects in our lives. We’ve got a regular ping pong table and it’s covered in as many plates as I can fit on it, the plates have all been broken and put back together again, and of course we’ve got very strong feelings about all of that – as a general rule we’re anxious about eating off something that’s been mended, but then there are other things in our lives that we mend because we’d hate to lose them.
“The sort of things that really interest me is these little anxieties between what one thing is one minute and what it is the next …”
Richard Wentworth

“The fact that they’re on a ping pong table, I’ve had dinner off ping pong tables, there’s nothing odd about that if you’ve got enough people coming to dinner why not! But it makes it a little bit tense because you have that feeling of opposition, maybe you even have a slight whisper of people who throw plates at each other when they’re not getting on – nothing too literal, its not an illustration of something, but I think it’s slightly edgy”.

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