RENTON Michael

Michael Renton Original working sketchbook.



Michael Renton working sketchbook. Circa 1954.  A Windsor and Newton ‘The Technical Schools Drawing Book, Series 29’.Cartridge paper. size 360x260mm. 20 sheets complete, Full with pencil drawings, small water colours and pen and ink drawings, extensive pencil notes.Building studies of Alesford, Smallhythe, Appledore ‘SS Peter and Paul’, Tenterden Tower, Stone Ferry on the Marsh, Sturry, Wickhambreaux Mill, Westt Gate Canterbury, Fordwich Kent, Small Hythe, Snaregate on the Marsh, Straw-baling at Lenham Quarries, St.Mary-within-the-castle and Roman Pharos Dover, Cobham College, Gateway Cooling Castle, The tombstones in Cooling Churchyard as mentioned by Dickens in “Great Expectations” Pip’s Little Brothers, Upper Stoke etc. Also flower studies, adrawing of a doll, myhtical subjects landscapes etc. The annotations are notes to himself, colour notes, weather notes etc; ‘An apple tree bearing fruit; from one aspect will present almost a solid wall or roof of leaves with the apples like glowing yellowgreen moons or great shining gems sewn into the leafy fabric, at the top ofthe mass breaking out into seperate branches which mount up into the sky or shoot up and over like the trail of a rocket ragged with the thick leaves‘. Thumbed.

Sketch Book Size 360 x 260mm (14 x 10 inches)

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