‘Monotype’ Rare Post Card by Ardizzone



‘Monotype’ Rare Post Card by Ardizzone

Postcard advertising Monotype which is printed by the Curwen press, Plaistow E.13. Not dated but circa 1938. The card is exactly the same size as the image published in Curwen Press News-Letter 15, but printed in colour. Scarce.

size 10.5 x 14cm

Reference: Brian Alderson C1.p. 221: In an article in Matrix 5 , Winter 1985, where eight of the hand-coloured drawings are also illustrated. In the accompanying article John Dreyfus records payment to E.A. for the ten drawings on the 30 May 1938 of £31.0.0. An unspecified number of the drawings were also sold in the form of tinted postcards.

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Provenance: Andrew Murray, Director of Mayor Gallery, Cork Street, London. The Mayor Gallery exhibited Ardizzone s work in the 1960 s. Andrew Murray lent his personal collection of books and prints etc. to the travelling exhibition by Middlesbrough Museum in 1982.

Item details

Publisher: Curwen Press London Plaistow
Date: 1938
Place: London
Condition: Very
Book ID: 60002522

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