Natalia Goncharova ‘Hermits’ (1)



Natalia Goncharova Lithograph.

The lithograph was from the album ‘Hermits’.  The album was published by Kuzmin and Dolinsky in Moscow in 1913, the text was by Kruchenykh .  Published in a small edition of only 480 copies, many of which have not survived due to the quality of the paper.  The  sheet is quite acidic, discoloured and has become yellow; the corners have chipped and now appear rounded.There is manuscript text in ink in Russian on the reverse. Very fragile.

Size approximately: 4 x 6 inches

Housed in an a wooden frame in acid free card.

Item details

‘Natalia Goncharova’s lithographs are executed in a “primitivist” style based on traditional Russian icon painting that inspired numerous contemporary painters and printmakers.

The curious arrangement of the text and illustrations at right angles to each other suggests that the book may have been intended to be produced in a smaller format. Aleksei Kruchenykh’s Hermits consists of a pair of lengthy poems, consciously written in the style of Russian folk-poetry, which recounts life in a hermitage. The author evokes in surreal literary images the repressed blasphemous and erotic inclinations of the residents.’ Quote from ‘Arts Mia’ Web Site

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