‘Painting and Sculpture’ by Stephen Mullin. Granta, Vol. LXIV, No. 1193. 17th October 1959.



4to. Original paper wrappers. Good survey of contemporary trends, with emphasis on the I.C.A. and Indepedent Group, notably Eduardo Paolozzi and John McHale. Covers thumbed and mottled. ‘Any way I am more than a little suspicious of the eager exultation of paolozzi, for one, at the blessings of technology: the way his images have of turning out to be very primitive totems in spite of their highly sophisticated construction could be intrepreted, as he would like us to, as demonstrating the underlying unity of different ages, bit it could also indicate the familiar desire to escape from the complexity of the machine age; and it is curious that for both he and McHale the only reactions that machinery and electronics can produce are those of horror and fear. Behind every Paolozzi bronze there lurks the noble savage’. Stephen Mullin

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Publisher: Granta.
Format: Paperback
Date: 1959
Place: Cambridge
Edition: First edition
Book ID: 025536

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