Paule Vezelay ‘The Four Crescents’ 1947



Paule Vezelay abstract drawing in pastel on paper on card titled ‘The Four Crescents’ 1947. Framed with original label on verso and with the Jane England Exhibition label, catalogue  June-July 1988. In good condition in original frame. Frame is chipped and worn.

Image size 33 x 17.5  (13 x 7 inches)

Frame size 50 x 36cm   (19 x14 inches

Item details

Provenance: Purchased from Jane England .

This drawing is a study for a painting titled ‘Composition in Black, Green and Brown, 1947’  which was exhibited at The Tate Gallery. The painting was first exhibited in the Salon des Realities, Paris 1947,  (368) .

Purchased from the first Paule Vezelay exhibition at England & Co, June-July 1988, catalogue # 35 titled as ‘The Four Crescents 1947’.



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