Picasso etching ‘Man in Hat’ , 1914 (Bloch 29)



Picasso etching made in 1914 but first published in 1947 in ‘Du Cubism’ by Albert Gleizes and Jan Metzinter. Printed on poor quality war time paper, possibly Lana pur fil. From the total edition of 455.  The paper in the image has a deep fold possibly from the printing process; sheet has overall discolouration and is slightly ruckled, else very good.

Image size 6.5cm x 5.5cm (2.5in x 2inches)

sheet: 25.1 × 19 cm  (10 × 7 1/2 inches)

The sheet size matches the size stated in the MoMA Collection.




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Reference: Bloch 29; Geiser 42; Goeppert and Cramer 46.

This etching was made in 1914, but was not printed at that time. In 1947, artists Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger decided to publish a new, deluxe edition of their celebrated 1912 book, ‘Du Cubisme‘ and asked friends to provide illustrations. Etchings were provided by Duchamp, Laurencin, Picadia, Villon and Picasso.

‘In 1947 the reputation of the book was undisputed and the Compagnie Francaise des Arts Graphiques undertook to publish a new edition (they were encouraged perhaps by the success of the retrospective Le Cubisme 1911-1918 held at the Galerie de France in May 1945). The new edition contained a preface by Gleizes, an appendix entitled ‘1912-1946’ by Metzinger and 7 original engravings by Picasso, Metzinger, Laurencin, Gleizes, Picabia, Villon and Duchamp, as well as 4 engravings after Derain, Braque, Leger and Gris.

Picasso’s contribution to the book was an early copperplate etching which dated from the time he had illustrated Max Jacob’s Le Siège de Jerusalem. This was L’homme au Chapeau, of which only 3 impressions had been printed by Louis Fort in 1930’ (Goeppert and Cramer, p.128).

The editions of the book as follows:

1-copy on Auvergne laid with several proofs-numbered 1.

19 copies on Auvergne laid with 2 extra suites of etchings in black and in bistre numbered 2-20

15 copies on Auvergne laid with extra suite of etchings in black on ancient japan. Numbered 21-35

400 copies on Lana pur fil numbered 36-435

20 copies on Lana for ‘Collaborators’




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