Sven Berlin. A collection of correspondence between Sven Berlin, The Ross-Lawson Galleries of 18 Dover Street and Chas. Pace Jnr of the Pace Galleries of Houston.



A collection of correspondence between Sven Berlin, The Ross-Lawson Galleries of 18 Dover Street and Chas. Pace Jnr of the Pace Galleries of Houston. Relating to the 1968 show to be held at the Ross-Lawson Gallery in London and prospective show in America at the Pace Galleries in Houston. London: Ross-Lawson Galleries., 1968. First edition. Extensive folderof correspondence initially friendly turning increasingly acrimonious as the works sent to America did not prove saleable and shipping and insurance were a bone of contention. A three sheet typed and annotated list of works by Berlin held at the Ross-Lawson Gallery and those in America including those taken over by Mr Lawson and those subsequently shipped with prices. A two page typed and signed letter from Berlin dated 1 January 1968 with a two sheet amended list of works for America with prices and with annotations. Letters from the Ross-Lawson Gallery to Lady Elizabeth Trehane regarding her proposed show of work by Berlin in her private studios, with related documentation. A two sheet letter from Garth Lawson to Berlin explaining the logistical and financial problems involved in putting on a show in the U.S.A., dated 4th january 1968. A typed signed letter from Berlin to Charles Pace thanking him for arranging the show in Houston and advising that he has many more works available should they be required, dated 23 may 1968. A letter from from Laura Braham dated 15th May enclosing promotional material from the Pace Galleries show in Houston witha copy of a letter from Berlin dated 16th May 1968 thanking her for sending on the material and asking after sales etc. A letter from Berlin to Pace dated 3 August 1968 asking if there have been any sales. A two page letter from Berlin to Garth Lawson dated 2 June 1968 expressing his regret that there have been no sales asking if the show is still to travel to New York and asking about the possibility f a show in London. Autograph letter from Garth Lawson to Sven Berlin dated 31st May (1968) discussing the disappointment with sales at the Houston show expressing his hope that the show can go on to Jack Haizen,s Gallery in New York. A letter from Laura Braham of Ross-Lawson enclosing a cheque for £250 for the sale of the Adagio, dated 23rd October 1968 and letter rom Berlin thanking her. A letter from Pace to Garth Lawson detailing the expenditure involved in the Berlin show and the level of losses, with a letter from Garth Lawson commiserating with him and advising that the paintings be returned. With circa 40 related letters from Berlin, Garth Lawson, Chares Pace, shippers, bankers etc. With the catalogue for the show ‘Painted Ladies and Botticelli Boys’ at the Ross-Lawson Galleries Jan 19th-February 17th 1968, the show includes two works by Berlin. Very Good. Loose in card folder.

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