HAYTER, Stanley, William

S.W.Hayter etching ‘Death by Water’



Engraving and scorper by Stanley William Hayter printed with plate tone. Printed in 1976 on Barchem Green. It is the second edition, signed, titled, dated 48/76 and numbered VII/XXV in pencil , published by Graphics International, Washington, with margins.

Size 351 x 605mm (13 7/8 x 23 7/8in)

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Reference: Black & Moorhead 186 . Brass plate, engraving and scorper with three different states. There was 1-5 artists proofs on Murillo and Van Gelder Zonen paper ; Hors  Commerce A and B on Murillo and Van Gelder Zonen; Limited edition of 50, Nos. 1-25 printed by Hayter, 26-50 by Raymond Hassen. Nos.1-23 on Lauroat, 24-32 Can Geler Zonen, 33-41 Lauriat, 42-50 B.F.K  Rives paper printed in 1948.

Second Edition: was printed in 1976 consisting of 25 impressions numbered 1-XXV/XXV and dated 1948/1976 on Barcham Green paper. 2nd edition published by Graphics Internmational, Washington DC.

‘Death by Water’ is the title of section lV of T.S.Eliot’s poem ‘The Waste Land’

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