Sven Berlin ‘Benedicte Omnia Opera. A cycle of Paintings 1975



A project that Sven Berlin was working on titled ‘Benedicte Omnia Opera . A Cycle of Paintings’ initiated in 1975. The collection includes the following:

‘‘Benedicte Omnia Opera. Notes For Cycle of painting’ listing 20 items, some of which are ticked, some crossed out etc. in different colour biro pens with ‘The Seasons’ added at bottom;

‘Benedicte Omnia Opera. A Cycle of Paintings’ listing 26 items, some of which are ticked, some crossed out etc. in red and blue biro pens with his monogram and dated ’75;

‘Benedicte Omnia Opera.’ A list of pictures, possibly Paintings listing 25 items, listed between ’75, ’76 and 1977. A sheet has been stapled, staples now rusted, which extends the year 1977. With the dates when they were made, titles and sizes. Some are numbered.

‘Wall Plan for Benedicte’

Plus Eleven drawings in ink.

Sizes vary but most are on the larger of the sizes:

18 x 14cm (7.5 x5.5 inches) to 34 x 20cm (13 x 8 inches)



A folded sheet with ‘Creation Mangwa’ written in biro which acts as a folder with Twelve small drawings all in ink. I believe these are related to the ‘Benedicte Omnia Opera’ as they were in the same folder and some of the titles relate to the list.

Sizes vary from 3 x 13cm (1 x5 inches) to 18 x 14cm (7.5 x5.5 inches)

Included is a letter head ‘Home Farm, Emery Down, New Forest, Sven Berlin with his design of a bee.



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All/ most pieces have the embossed studio sale stamp.

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