The 1st “Typo-Eye” 6 members’ T-shirt Show. Japan Design Center. Mr Minoru Morita 575 Madison Avenue, N.Y. 1975.



Folding poster. 510x720mm. Works featured by 6 artists Motoaki Okuizumi, Yasaburo Kuwayama, Yugi Baba, Tadashi Mizui, Yonefusa Yamada and Yoshihiro Yoshida. Rubbed at folds. With an A.L.S. from M. Miyazaki, presenting the poster from Yoshihiro Yoshida to John R. Biggs dated 26/6/75 on Hyde Park Towers Hotel headed paper.

Item details

Publisher: Japan Design Center.
Format: Poster
Date: 1975
Place: New York
Edition: First edition
Condition: Very Good
Book ID: 026304

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