The Arts Council of Great Britain Christmas Card 1948. Signed by Phillip James



The Arts Council of Great Britain Christmas Card 1948  Signed by Phillip James

A folding sheet with the title and a black and white line drawing by Edward Ardizzone on cover. The sheet opens up into a Christmas Greetings Card with three designs by Ardizone in printed in black, with a green or red background. The text reads Best Wishes for Christmas and a New year printed but in Edward Ardizzone hand writing. Signed in ink From Philip James Philip James, writer, was the Art Director for the Arts Council during this period . Very rare. Not listed in the Brian Alderson Hand list published by The Private Library. Sheet slightly thumbed, slightly dusty, else very good.

Size when opened. 22 x19.5cm (8.5 x7.7 5 inches)

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Provenance: Andrew Murray, Director of Mayor Gallery, Cork Street, London. The Mayor Gallery exhibited Ardizzone s work in the 1960 s. Andrew Murray lent his personal collection of books and prints etc. to the travelling exhibition by Middlesbrough Museum in 1982.

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Publisher: Arts Council of Great Britain
Date: 1948
Place: London
Book ID: 60002495

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