WHISTLER, James McNeill

The clipped review of the Venice Etchings show at The Fine Art Society 1883. This is the review from ‘The Pall Mall Gazette’ Monday February 19, 1883.



Single sheet 130x115mm. Details added in ink. Anon., “Mr Whistler’s ‘Latest Arrangement'”, Pall Mall Gazette, no. 5607, vol. 37, 19 February 1883, p. 4.

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‘But what really characterises this collection is the charming foppery by which it is surrounded. The gallery is hung with golden-yellow velvet and lemon-yellow muslin; the floor is carpeted with yellow matting; visitors are invited to sit on settees covered with yellow serge, or on perilous little cane-bottomed chairs painted canary-colour. The etchings themselves are framed in white frames, and hung far apart upon walls covered with white felt. Everything is white and yellow, and the catalogues of the exhibition are handed round by a dejected attendant in a fancy dress of white¬†and yellow. There are rows of little yellow pots, each containing one little yellow flower.’

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Publisher: The Pall Mall Gazette.
Format: Single sheet
Date: 1883
Place: London
Edition: First edition
Book ID: 023131

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