The Floating-Swimming-Baths Company, Limited. [Diagram]



The Floating-Swimming-Baths Company, Limited. [Diagram]

A plan for a floating swimming pool.Not dated but circa 1870. A lithograph printed on thin paper. showing the three planned sections of the Floating -Swimming-Bath that was planned. To the lower left is the name John King & Co 181 Upper Thames Street, to the lower right margin is the name ‘Julius Robert, Captain R.M.A.C.A. Superintending Engineer.’ There were several floating barges/ structures around the UK in various rivers that were opened due to the popularity of swimming. One in the Clyde and in Chester. So this design could be for anywhere in the UK. But as the name in lower left is based in London, I suspect this was proposed or the one that was eventually built on the River Thames.
After J. Bazalgette sewer was built in London the Thames water was much cleaner. There had been several models of a floating swimming pool s around the UK. The large structure was made and moored below Charing Cross Railway station in 1875. In 1876, a freezing machine was added so that in winter it could also be used as a ice rink. The In 1885 it was purchased by South Eastern Trains and scrapped. [I can’t see the attraction now that the Thames Water company has let the river to become so dirty-shame on them.] The sheet has at one time been folded, possible within a book , the fold was delicate and has been professionally repaired with tissue. The sheet does have some soft handling folds else very good.
Size 25 x 37cm [9.75 x 14.5 inches]

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Date: 1870
Place: London
Book ID: 60003655

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