BACON, Francis

Timothy Behrens. Beaux Arts Gallery, London March-April, 1962.



BEHRENS, TIMOTHY. BACON, FRANCIS. Timothy Behrens. Beaux Arts Gallery, London March-April 1962. London: Beaux Arts Gallery., 1962. First edition. 12mo. Original paper wrappers, stapled. Two b/w plates, short biography, 19 item catalogue. A little thumbed.

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Behrens formed part of the tightly knit group of artists and intellectuals who frequented the Colony Room (John Deakin’s famous photograph, Lunch at Wheelers), is of Behrens, Freud, Bacon, Auerbach and Andrews, the Soho drinking club where Lucian Freud and others such as Francis Bacon spent much tigraphy, 39 item catalogue. Thumbed. me during the late 1950s and the early 1960s. Behrens posed in Freud’s small Paddington studio for a portrait in 1962 (Red-Haired Man on a Chair) and 1963] and was also the subject of a portrait by Michael Andrews (permanent collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum). His father was Edward Michael Behrens the financier. In 1953, he already owned La Resèrve restaurant, when he bought the “influential” Hanover Gallery from Arthur Jeffress. Hanover Gallery represented Francis Bacon who had his first solo show there in 1949, and did so until 1958 when he left for the Marlborough Gallery. Behrens was visiting the empty gallery for the first time one evening when Erica Brausen, who ran the gallery, mentioned in passing that she would be closing up the next day. Behrens was “immediately fascinated” by Bacon’s work, and offered to help. Jeffress “detested” Bacon and that was his main reason for backing out of the Hanover Gallery. Jeffress apparently thought that Behrens also “loathed” Bacon.

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Publisher: Beaux Arts Gallery
Format: Paperback
Date: 1962
Place: London
Edition: First edition
Book ID: 028798

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